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Lorrie French delivers real professionalism and follow through on behalf of her clients. I represented a buyer on one of her listings, and was very impressed with the efficiency and helpfulness she brought to the deal. She stood tough with her client and got the right price while being helpful to the buyer as well.

Andrew Weigel, 1141 Chestnut Street

"Serendipity...the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, especially while looking for something else entirely" 


This word captures my experience with Lorrie French.  When I casually requested an agent to show me a property that I had reviewed online, I never anticipated how fortunate I would agent with loads of experience who patiently explained the numerous (and confusing) nuances of purchasing a home in San Francisco, but also helped me, a first-time home buyer, avoid the pitfalls in negotiating with sellers.  Lorrie also proved to be an amazing resource by providing referrals for contractors, locksmiths and ...restaurants in the City!  I would highly recommend Lorrie."

Ja Moon